When it comes to fish, we’re hooked

When it comes to fish, we’re hooked

At 44 Foods we’re feeling the fishy love, but what camp are you in?
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At 44 Foods we’re feeling the fishy love, but what camp are you in?

Fish as a food group tends to be a little bit ‘Marmite’: whether it’s love or hate, the chances are you have a strong view on it.

With just one third of UK consumers eating the recommended two portions per week, we were curious about how our 44 Foods community feels about fish. After asking around, it seems we’re overwhelmingly hooked…

The fillet fans
“I love fish, but it has to be boneless.”

“We started eating more fish a few years ago as a healthier alternative to red meat and processed foods. My husband is far more adventurous when it comes to seafood, fish and shellfish and will eat pretty much anything, while myself and our daughters are less so. But that’s not a problem because we find common ground in salmon and a lot of white fish.”

“I have always loved fish! As long as it doesn’t have a head. Can’t eat something if it’s looking at me!”

The converts
“Probably like most people fish was an occasional meal option for me – most usually the variety that comes wrapped in batter with mushy peas on the side! More recently we’ve started eating more white fish regularly – things like seabassbream, megrim and hake because, quite simply, we feel better for it. I find fish is a lighter evening meal and as I get a little older red meats and rich sauces lay heavier on me and tend to impair my sleep.”

“We’re trying to eat more fish – it’s a food group we’ve not really explored before as I think we lack confidence in how to prepare it properly. We are more aware of fish as a great source of protein and healthy fats, so want to explore this a lot more. It’s also quick to cook, so when you are busy it can be a really good way of getting something tasty and nutritious on the table before kids activities kick in.”

The aficionados
“I’ve always enjoyed fish – prawns are my favourite food! I once went to a posh hotel restaurant and had the monkfish, and it was truly one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. The fish was so smooth and rich and flavoursome.”

“I love fish of all varieties, especially the Cornish ones.”

“I highly recommend making the extra effort to buy from a specialist supplier as opposed to getting packaged fish from a supermarket. The taste is so much cleaner and fresher, it could make all the difference in whether you take to it.”

“I’ve loved fish forever. If I had to choose between fish and meat, fish wins for me.”

What dish does it for you?
Most adults want to eat more fish, so we also asked for your ultimate fish dish recommendations.

“I would definitely recommend monkfish if you wanted to try something a little bit special.”

“Cod and chorizo, reminds me of being on holiday.”

“We discovered a recipe for white fish with braised peas, bacon and lentils when actively trying to reduce our meat consumption. It’s a great introduction for those who might not be too sure about fish, as with the more staple flavours of the peas and bacon it doesn’t feel too far out of your comfort zone.”

“Paella was a game-changer for me.”

“We bake salmon fillets that are lightly seasoned and brushed with oil – wrap them in foil and pop them in the oven for a few minutes and you have a lovely (and surprisingly filling) meal that works well with veg, rice, jackets – whatever, really.”

“My latest fascination is cooking with scallops – I do a mean pasta with mini scallops, prawns and a little pancetta.”