Seasons make all the difference

Seasons make all the difference

Can you tell the time of year by walking down a supermarket’s food aisle? Probably not. But 44 Foods does things differently.

Can you tell the time of year by walking down a supermarket’s food aisle? Probably not. But 44 Foods does things differently.

If you go food shopping at any of the main grocery stores even occasionally, you’ll have no trouble conjuring up a mental picture of the fruit and veg shelves in pretty much the right order. Oranges, lemons, bananas on the right; raspberries, blueberries and peaches on the left. Whether it’s January or July, they’re more or less exactly the same – with a few extra nuts on hand for Christmas.

Of course, there are merits to being able to get a mushroom in March or an apple in April. There are certainly a lot of products available all year round. But if we look at what we’re placing in our trolleys, does this really translate to more choice, or are we stuck in a rut? The lack of variation across the seasons could have us reaching for the same items week in, week out.

We wanted 44 Foods to be different. Our way of shopping takes the experience of a farm shop and puts it online – so you can see what’s available at its best. And we work hard to make sure there are fresh, great-tasting surprises with your staples every week.

Nature’s calendar

Food shouldn’t be the same all year round. In December, apples and pears are full of flavour and go really well with a festive stilton, or in a mincemeat tart. If we have these seasonal treats on our doorstep, why do we need to fly refrigerated berries halfway round the world?

Changing the food we eat along with the seasons helps us to find food at its freshest, healthiest and most flavourful. It also gives us different memories, connected to particular times and places, and certain ingredients or pairings that you’d never come across in the supermarket aisles.

Are you doubtful that our British climate can come up with the goods all year round? Here’s a month-by-month menu from nature’s larder to prove how seasonal variety is the spice of life.

Mackerel with beetroothorseradish and celeriac

Venison and shallots with purple sprouting broccoli

Mussels with leeks, rhubarb crumble

Asparagus, salmon and jersey royal new potatoes

Lamb with spring herb salsa verde and peas

Strawberry and elderflower fool

Crab sandwiches with lettuce and radishes

Steak with watercress and wild mushrooms

Chestnut loaf with ratatouille

Corn on the cob, guinea fowl with roast potatoes and parsnips

Plaice with butternut squash and roasted kale

Scallops with bacon and pear

Enjoying the best of what the seasons have to offer requires a little knowledge. Our producers are passionate about the food they grow and raise, and happy to help you with something that’s a little bit out of the ordinary. Visit our seasonal fayre page to browse the best of what’s in season right now.