Don’t forget the veg

Don’t forget the veg

Dressed, griddled, grated, soused… Vegetables are no longer an afterthought and they’re staging a comeback.
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Don’t forget the veg – why we invest as much in a carrot as we do a leg of lamb

Dressed, griddled, grated, soused… Vegetables are no longer an afterthought and they’re staging a comeback.

We’re wild about veg, and we want to shout it from barn-tops!

They can be a memorable accompaniment or sing out as the main event. Either way, the textures and flavours of seasonal vegetables are what make a meal complete. And down at 44 Foods HQ, it fills our hearts with joy to see vibrant veggies finally having their day in the sun.

We put as much time and care into a carrot as we do a leg of lamb, from preparing the soil through to picking it at its prime and delivering it to your door. The main point is we’re willing to put in the work to make sure that, however you choose to eat it, our veg will do you (and us) proud.

Let’s talk provenance

We’ve got used to asking where our meat and fish come from. We know that buying ethically raised, slaughtered or caught surf and turf supports sustainable meat production and drives up animal welfare standards. It also means we get the very best produce on your plate. Grass-fed meat contains higher amounts of key nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. And it tastes amazing.

Why don’t we ask the same questions about fruit and vegetables? We’re convinced that knowing where they have grown and how they have been treated is the best way of predicting how they will taste.

We know our onions

We want you to savour the crunch and colour of a plate full of veg as much as we do. And our producers really know their stuff when it comes to producing the freshest, most flavourful vegetables around.

Our farming methods don’t deplete the ground of goodness or pump it full of chemicals. We keep up to date with the latest techniques to make sure we’re not harming wildlife or other crops. The extra we invest into growing veg sustainably means we’ll be able to continue to grow great-quality produce in the future.

The good stuff

It’s no secret that veg is chock-full of all the stuff that keeps us healthy and happy. But the nutrient content starts to fade as soon as it’s picked. By sticking to seasonal produce and sustainable growing methods, we can guarantee great tasting veg that’s full of goodness without the nasties.

We love our new way of food shopping because it combines the experience and freshness of a farm shop with the convenience of online delivery. By connecting customers with food producers, we don’t waste precious time and resources carrying products up and down the country to centralised storage units. Our vegetables arrive fresh, crunchy and still brimming with health-giving vitamins and minerals.

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