What does a fair deal mean?

What does a fair deal mean?

A new way to shop, with guarantees not gimmicks. Here’s what we mean by a fair deal.
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A new way to shop, with guarantees not gimmicks. Here’s what we mean by a fair deal.

Why did we start 44 Foods? Well, to be honest, we looked around and didn’t like the way food shopping was shaping up. We saw people being nudged to buy more and think less about where their food comes from, how fresh it is or where the waste goes. The whole experience felt faceless, soulless and tasteless.

So we came up with a way to do it better. By linking customers directly to producers, we can take real care of our food as it takes each step on the journey from our farms and dairies to your table.

At the heart of it all, we want to guarantee that customers, producers and the planet all get a fair deal. Because we believe good food shouldn’t leave anyone out of pocket. A fair deal means good quality food at good value, thriving communities and a happy planet.

Good food, good quality, good value
We love food and hate waste, so we’ve put a lot of thought into everything we stock. We want you to enjoy our products at their best, which means:

  • Things arrive in good condition. We select the best-quality produce and transport it with care.
  • We don’t inflate prices. We’ve cut out the middle man, which helps keep our overheads low and prices fair.
  • Convenience. We value your time, so we’ve created a website that’s quick and simple to use.
  • You get what you ask for. If we can’t sell it, we won’t – no messing about with silly substitutions.
  • No gimmicks. We invest in ingredients, not BOGOF deals.
  • Having fun. We’ve got advice and recipes to make sure feeding the family is a pleasure not a chore.

Thriving food communities
The people who grow, raise and make our food are experts at what they do. They have the experience and passion to make things taste delicious and we want them to keep on doing what they love.

We’ll never drive down prices to unsustainable levels or make producers run at a loss. We care deeply that the communities who supply food are healthy and thriving. Our food sustains us, so it’s only right that the people who provide it get to sustain themselves too.

It won’t cost the earth
Our planet feeds us, so we should respect it and protect it. For any essential journeys we put lots of love and thought into our packaging. It’s designed to keep its contents safe and cushioned without loads of plastic or needless waste. This way we make sure it arrives in mint condition, while keeping the planet healthy too.

We also stick to seasonal UK food producers and suppliers, who rely less on industrial farming methods. If we want to take good things out of the ground it makes sense to put good things in.

A fair deal is fair on the future
A fair deal leaves everyone happy at the end of the day. And we believe a fair deal should look to tomorrow too. What drives us at 44 Foods is helping families, producers and the planet to flourish, long into the future.

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