How we price our products

How we price our products

A fair price, set by our producers, shows we know the difference between ‘value’ and good value.
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A fair price, set by our producers, shows we know the difference between ‘value’ and good value.

What’s the difference between a premium product and a ‘value’ range product? The answer should be clear but, in some cases, it’s anything but.

If you’re paying more than the minimum, you want to know your money is going towards producing better-quality food. This may seem obvious, but too often when we treat ourselves we can end up with something that’s been cheaply produced and dressed up in a fancy label.

One of the main reasons we started 44 Foods was to get the balance just right between luxury and value. And a big part of this is to pay attention to the pricing of our products, making sure we give everyone a fair deal.

The premium pricing swizz
We’re not in the business of premium pricing – when a product is given a high price to make customers believe it’s worth more than other brands on the market. We see premium pricing like the Emperor’s new clothes. Customers are expected to pay over the odds, for nothing much except an abstract perception. That’s not what we call a good deal.

We think prices should reflect the reality of what goes into products to make them great, so we promise never to charge you more than what’s necessary.

Our principles of fair pricing
We make sure our producers are paid a fair price so that they can take the time and care needed to make great-quality produce.

And we use our knowledge and expertise to select the best-quality, best-value items. So you know that if you’re paying a bit more than you would for the value range, you’re getting a whole lot more for that investment.

Our producers set the price
Unlike with many other food retailers, it’s our producers who set the price of our products.

We refuse to join a ‘race to the bottom’ and we’ll never hold producers to ransom to provide rock-bottom prices. We want to see sustainable food communities that will continue to thrive long into the future.

We trust our producers to set a price that’s fair for them and fair for customers too. Getting the price right means more customers will enjoy our great-quality produce, and nobody wants that more than the people who grow, rear and make it.

No hidden extras
You’ll find our high-quality produce delivers on value.

The way we do this is simple. We don’t ask our customers to pay for unnecessary overheads. We provide a direct link from producers to customers, which strips layers of cost – for aspects such as storage, transportation and marketing – out of our products’ lifecycle. This means we’re able to provide fresh, seasonal produce at a price that’s fair for everyone.