James Strawbridge's Chicken and Nduja Skewers

James Strawbridge's Chicken and Nduja Skewers

If you're venturing towards the BBQ, these free range chicken and nduja skewers are the perfect tastebud teaser. Serve up these slices of spicy nduja combined with tender chicken with a guacamole dip and a crisp glass of white wine for a light and summery meal.
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Serves 4


4 free range Adlington chicken breasts, diced
10-12 wooden skewers, soaked in cold water
200g Dorset smoked nduja, diced
2 tbsp finely chopped wild garlic or coriander
2 tbsp rapeseed oil
Pinch of sea salt and cracked black pepper
Zest and juice of 1 orange



  1. Marinade your chicken in salt, pepper, orange zest and juice with wild garlic for 1-2 hours or leave in the fridge overnight.
  2. Then add in the nduja with the chicken, stirring well before feeding onto the soaked wooden skewers.
  3. Cook the chicken and nduja skewers in a ridged skillet or on a hot BBQ grill, turning occasionally and finish in the oven if required. Serve with some guacamole on the side and a crisp glass of chilled white wine.