The great outdoors

The great outdoors

Spring is here, and so is the prospect of being able to enjoy our food out in the open more.
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The great outdoors

Spring is here, and so is the prospect of being able to enjoy our food out in the open more. What better time to start thinking about some warm weather winners for the barbecue or picnic hamper?

Lockdown has left many of us itching for a change in scenery, and the easing of restrictions over the coming months will give us a chance to get out more.

There’s the tantalising prospect of warmer days and evenings ahead too, so it’s a good time to be thinking about barbecues and picnics. With the right food, drinks and company, al fresco dining can be a great combination of social event and culinary creativity.

Whether it’s steaks and burgers for the grill, a tasty salad, or a bit of everything for a leisurely picnic, we’ve got plenty of choice for you here at 44 Foods. And there’s more to come soon – keep an eye out for our BBQ meat bundles, which we’ll be launching soon!

Here are some ideas to get you in the mood.

For barbecues, marinate or glaze the meat
You can add some great flavour to your cuts by marinating them overnight or glazing them. Or you could simply choose some of our ready options, like our succulent BBQ chicken kebabsMediterranean chicken kebabsminted lamb kebabs, or piri piri chicken kebabs.

Browse our barbecue favourites
You can’t beat a juicy steak for a barbecue crowd-pleaser. Sirloin, which is cut from between the fillet and the rib, has the perfect balance of flavour and tenderness, making it a great choice for barbecuing. Ribeye is another firm favourite. For sausages, add a bit of variety, like pork and leek. Popular choices for vegetables include courgettespeppersauberginered onionsmushrooms and tomatoes.

Scrummy sandwiches
You can’t beat a sandwich made from read bread by a local, independent bakery. Have a browse of our fab loaves from Hobbs House and consider being creative with ingredients – like leftover meats from the Sunday roast. Perhaps use cream cheese or mashed avocado instead of butter. A bit of thought around preparation will go a long way to ensuring your picnic goes smoothly – you really don’t want to be assembling it all when there’s all that scenery to take in and company to enjoy.

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