Finding the perfect partner for fish

Finding the perfect partner for fish

Create the perfect fish dish with these quick and easy sides that’ll go swimmingly with our sustainably sourced, fresh catches.
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Create the perfect fish dish with these quick and easy sides that’ll go swimmingly with our sustainably sourced, fresh catches.

There’s a real bounty to be found in our seas and oceans that not only taste great, and can be sourced sustainably, but also have a range of fantastic health benefits too.

Of course, fish alone does not a meal make – so let’s talk sides and accompaniments.

One of the best things about adding more fish to your shopping basket is the variety of complementary side dishes it unlocks for home cooks. Given the range of fish available – from meatier choices like monkfish, tuna and swordfish, to more delicate flavours like lemon soleplaice and hake – there’s a perfect pairing for almost anything you can find in your pantry.

Speed is of the essence
For a winning midweek meal, speed and simplicity is of the essence, so here are a few great sides you can rustle up in short order that’ll elevate your fish dish to the top table.

Ratatouille is a real winter warmer – and a simple side dish to add some Provençal charm to fish dishes. It’s a great match for any firm white fish. Think cod loin or fillets, or a quick, pan-fried seabass. The base of any good ratatouille is tomatopepperaubergine and courgette. Simply chop or slice, cover with olive oil and garlic, and pop in the oven.

So good they named it twice
Let’s talk couscous. It’s a healthy, slow-release carbohydrate that can be on the table in no time. It’s also a fantastic pairing for fish thanks to its chameleonic ability to take on the flavour it’s cooked with.

For a great pollack parcel dish, start by adding some lemon zest and paprika to a bowl with couscous and enough water to cover. Pop some clingfilm over the bowl and leave for five minutes while you chop some fresh herbs and cherry tomatoes. After five minutes, stir the herbs and tomatoes through the couscous and spoon onto lightly oiled foil sheets. Place the pollack fillets on top and seal the foil up like a Cornish pasty. The couscous will absorb more flavour while it cooks in the oven, and you can satisfy your flair for the dramatic by opening the parcels at the table!

Serving a tomato-rich fish stew? Try running some olives and sliced almonds through cooked couscous for a side that’ll be on the table in under 15 minutes.

Experiment with salads
It doesn’t get quicker than a salad if you’re looking for a vibrant, fresh side that works well with fish. Don’t worry, we’re thinking slightly more exotic than iceberg lettuce, soggy cucumber and salad cream!

Grilling fish is a healthy way to prepare your protein, but also preserves delicate flavours, which can be matched by a zesty Asian-inspired side salad. You’ll want to play around with the delicate flavours, but cabbage, spring onions, carrot, corianderlemongrass and chilli can all make an appearance, while chopped peanuts will add some extra crunch.

Remember, there’s no salad without a dressing, so look to soy sauce, honey, fish sauce, rice vinegar and lime juice as your starters for 10. A blast of sesame oil and fresh ginger in your dressing can really make your crunchy salad or ‘slaw pop too. Try serving your dressed salad alongside salmon or scallops for a light supper.

Last but not least
You didn’t think we’d forget about the potato, did you? There’s a reason chips follows fish in any word association game!

Of course, potatoes are just as versatile as fish – so there’s scope to think beyond the chip pan (or air fryer!).

Parmentier potatoes are similar to roasties, but smaller, lighter and pack a herby and garlicky punch. Cube and parboil your potatoes for around five minutes (any longer and they’ll lose their shape in the oven). Toss the potatoes with some oil, crushed garlic and a herb of your choice (rosemary or thyme work well), before popping in the oven until crisp and golden.

Serve with a pan-fried bream or whiting fillet, some lemony green beans or asparagus, and a lemon caper butter sauce for a restaurant-quality dish at home!

Or, you know, make some really good chips. Just don’t forget the tartare sauce.

Find the star of the show
With some fresh, tasty inspiration for scrumptious sides and appetising accompaniments, it’s time to choose your star of the show: the fish. Why not put in an order for our sustainably sourced, fresh fish today?

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