Safe and secure to your door

Safe and secure to your door

With heightened coronavirus measures in place, you can depend on 44 Foods to give you a Covid-secure, convenient and reliable online food delivery service, wherever and whenever you need it…

During the coronavirus pandemic, online food shopping has been the safest way for many to shop but it can still be fraught with frustrations over bizarre substitutions, worries about product quality and availability, and difficulties in securing booking slots.

At 44 Foods, we have a much better way of doing things.

Safe delivery
When you order from us, you’re guaranteed top-quality, seasonal food direct from our producers to your door. Food that’s packaged and delivered safely, responsibly and conveniently, and at a price that’s fair to farmers and families.

We’ve worked hard to make the whole process as simple and safe as possible. Our website is quick and easy to use, so you can browse through our range of seasonal produce, delicious meats, fresh fish, dairy and larder essentials. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll parcel up everything with care and attention, using Environmental Health-approved practises that ensure the highest standards of Covid safety, hygiene and social distancing.

Then, when you’ve chosen your delivery slot, your local driver will deliver to the time and place you’ve specified.

Transported with care
We’ve also put plenty of thought into how your food reaches you. Your delivery won’t include crushed eggs or soggy tomatoes. We select the best-quality produce and transport it with care. Our packaging is designed to keep its contents safe and cushioned without needless waste. This way we make sure it arrives in mint condition, while keeping the planet healthy too.

We only sell products that we’re confident we can deliver at the right quality for the right price, for everyone. And that includes making sure you get what you order – we won’t mess around with substitutes.

Just like our collective of farmers and food producers, we’re passionate about ethically produced, fairly priced food. And we think that’s a good recipe for putting some heart and soul into the online food shopping experience.

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