Conker Gin
Conker Gin


Dorset’s first craft distillery, creating the finest gins from locally foraged botanicals

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From little acorns

Rupert Holloway had a successful career as a Chartered Surveyor but realised that deep down, something was missing. After a heart-to-heart with his girlfriend Emily, he decided that there was something better out there for him to be doing. He just didn’t know what.

Following a succession of good, bad and ugly business ideas, he landed on one that he couldn’t get out of his head – Dorset’s first gin distillery, using locally foraged botanicals and hand-bottling the results.

A happy accident

He texted Emily in excitement and her response was “Acorn Conker”. She was in the middle of writing a to-do list for her Reception class and had accidentally included it in her reply. Conker Spirit was born!

Fast forward eight years and Conker is a fully-fledged craft distillery with a meticulous focus on quality. We’re thrilled that they are joining 44 Foods to be our very first alcohol partner.

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We’re delighted to bring Conker Spirit to 44 Foods as our very first alcoholic drink partner. Whether you’re relaxing after a busy day or creating a cocktail, these gins are just the tonic!

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Conker’s Dorset Dry Gin

A refreshing take on a classic London Dry, Conker’s Dorset Dry contains a balance of 10 botanicals and is distilled in Bournemouth from British wheat spirit and New Forest spring water.

Conker’s RNLI Navy Strength Gin

Conker’s RNLI Navy Strength Gin

For every bottle of RNLI Navy Strength Gin sold, Conker’s donate £5 to the RNLI in honour of the courageous men and women who work to prevent loss of life at sea.

Conker’s Port Barrel Gin

Conker’s Port Barrel Gin

A unique tipple, Conker’s Port Barrel Gin is created by resting Dorset Dry in used Portuguese Port barrels to draw out the Ruby Port from the oak, resulting in a pink colour and deliciously infused aged flavour.

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A fair deal for farmers and families, we work with our produce partners to deliver the right quality at the right price


A fair deal for farmers and families, we work with our produce partners to deliver the right quality at the right price

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