Our sustainable fish promise

You may have seen the hard-hitting Netflix documentary Seaspiracy. We’ve seen it too, and wanted to assure you that our fish is sourced as responsibly as possible.

A controversial film about the fishing industry is currently in the top ten on Netflix. Seaspiracy is a 90-minute documentary about the impact of commercial fishing, and has started a global debate around food choice and sustainability.

Here at 44 Foods we’ve watched the film too, and can only say that we’re proud of our approach to sourcing the most ethical and sustainable food as we possibly can – and that includes our fish.

Our fish supplier, W Stevenson, is a Cornish, family-owned business that has operated its fleet of boats out of Newlyn Harbour for 100 years.

Stevenson’s boats land a variety of species including Cornish sole (megrim), plaice, monkfish, Dover sole, lemon sole, sardines and hake.

It’s a proactive member of the Cornish Fish Producers’ Association, which works closely with the community to continuously improve and promote sustainable practices.

Cornish fishermen and women land a fantastic and diverse range of fish and shellfish species every day. Sustainability is one of the core principles that underpins their approach and the healthy marine environment their fish come from.

Stevenson is able to offer 44 Foods complete traceability for every single fish it sells – from catch to processing to customer. It’s one of the few companies that can boast control over the whole journey of its fish.

It’s thanks to this fastidious approach that we can confidently say that we are able to guarantee the provenance of our fish, right down to being able to trace the exact boat it was landed on.

By buying British fish from 44 Foods, you can be sure that what you put on your plate is not only fresh, sustainable, ethical and of the highest quality, but it also supports a thriving, traditional Cornish fishing community.

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