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The weekly food shop. Does the idea fill you with dread? Trawling around an overcrowded, faceless supermarket? Or booking an online delivery only to be presented with battered bananas or tea instead of tuna?

We think there’s a better way. A way that delivers fresh, seasonal, tasty food direct from the farm to your door. Food that’s packaged sustainably and with minimum waste. Food at a price that’s fair to farmers and families.

What you put on your plate should excite and inspire you. From fresh seasonal produce to tender ethical meat and fish, we deliver all the quality and freshness of a farm shop direct to your door.

A new way of doing things

What if there was a better way? Instead of putting up with poor quality, being frustrated by silly substitutions or facing that nagging worry that prices shouldn’t ever be that low, take a look at a food shop with a difference.

Our collective of farmers and food producers is passionate about ethically produced, fairly priced food. Together, we supply fruit and veg, meat and dairy and larder essentials direct from our farms to your door.

We only sell products that we’re confident we can deliver at the right quality for the right price, for everyone.

How it works

We’ve reinvented the online food shop from the ground up. Our tried-and-tested process means that you can trust us to deliver only what you want, when its best in season.

Discover our tempting range of seasonal produce, mouth-watering meats, fresh fish, dairy and store cupboard essentials. Then place your order and we’ll parcel up everything with care and attention. Choose your delivery slot and your local driver will deliver at a time and place to suit you.

Our promises to you

We believe in a fair deal for everyone, from farmers and food producers to families. We’re focused on quality and we work collaboratively to deliver the right quality at the right price. We’re committed to sustainability.

All of our packaging and our supply chain has been designed with the environment in mind. We minimise waste wherever we can and we support our customers to do the same at home. We only sell great-tasting food (and we won’t substitute what you ordered for something you don’t want either). We only sell seasonal fresh produce, to help you eat in harmony with nature. We will always strive to deliver the very best in customer service. Your experience matters.

We know our stuff

No cutting corners, no second-rate stuff, all of our products come straight from the people who know them inside and out. Our farmers and food producers have generations of expertise and with that comes a passion for good, honest, quality food.

Whether they’re nurturing seasonal fruit and vegetables, giving happy hens free range or watching over herds of contented cows, nothing makes our farmers happier than doing what they do and know best. We combine all of that knowledge with our ordering and delivery know-how to bring you the best quality produce direct from the farm.

The last mile/delivery

From the soil in which our crops grow, to the waters we fish in, working in harmony with nature is in our DNA. We sensitively pack every order using recycled and recyclable materials. Our supply chain has strict processes to minimise food waste and waste packaging.

We invest in responsible shipping, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that it won’t have a negative impact on the environment. Our drivers take care to deliver your order at the time and place you request and with our cleverly designed boxes, your groceries will arrive at the ideal temperature, on the day that’s most convenient to you.


We care about our planet. Each one of us has a responsibility to minimise the impact we make on the environment so we can protect it for generations to come.

As a responsible retailer, we are focused on driving down waste. Our packaging is respectful to the environment and we use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. We have stringent processes to minimise food waste in our supply chain and we support our customers to make the most of their grocery shop and reduce food waste at home.

We work together so that we can all live better, now and in the future.

Registered with the Organic Food Federation, Number 01916