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Fresh, fairly priced and full of flavour – why not explore our exciting fish and seafood, brought from sustainable producers to your door?

From traditional favourites like cod, prawns or sardines; to tender lemon sole or wild sea bass, we have a fantastic range of seafood products that we’re sure you’ll enjoy as much as we do.

When you order from us, you’re guaranteed top-quality, seasonal seafood that’s packaged and delivered safely, responsibly and conveniently. And best of all, our seafood comes straight to your door from ethically minded producers who really know their stuff.

Like Stevenson’s, a family-run business whose boats have been fishing out in Newlyn harbour, Cornwall for more than 100 years. Stevenson’s lands fresh Cornish fish daily before it’s filleted and sent on its way to customers.

Try Stevenson’s Cornish sole fillets – wonderfully soft and tender, they’re superb for pan-frying with a squeeze of lemon, or grilling with a fresh salad.

Or how about their sardine butterfly fillets? Perfect for the grill or barbecue, these lovely, silvery sardines are rich in Omega 3, making them a great healthy choice.

If you enjoy Asian fusion recipes or fancy cooking up a curry, the versatile monkfish could be just right for you. Its flesh is firm and meaty, so it’s ideal for frying, roasting, barbecues and stir-fries.

We’re big fans of Stevenson’s pollack fillets. Pollack is a super alternative to cod, as it has a similar flaky texture and taste. It’ll also hold its texture and work perfectly in a range of recipes.

Another of our producers is Blue Earth Foods, who are all about supplying chilled seafood ethically. Each shrimp, scallop, mussel and crab is fished sustainably, transported efficiently and packaged in optimal conditions to maintain freshness.

Try Blue Earth Foods’ cooked-then-peeled king prawns. Farmed responsibly in South East Asia, these succulent king prawns have been cooked in their shell before peeling – it gives them an intense, naturally sweet flavour and firm texture.

If you fancy mixing things up a little, our cooked seafood collection might be just the ticket – a classic combination of cooked king prawns, mussels and squid. We think it’s the perfect partner for a creamy pasta or risotto dish.

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    Cooked-then-Peeled King Prawns (150g)

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