James Strawbridge’s Upside-Down Cake

James Strawbridge’s Upside Down Citrus Cake

Bright and colourful, with a tangy citrus scent and jam-packed with vitamin C, this Upside-Down Cake is the perfect thing to cheer up a grey January day.

Serves 6


For the topping

For the cake batter


  1. Start by preheating your oven to 180˚C and greasing a lined spring-loaded cake tin.
  2. Melt the butter, sugar and rum for the citrus topping and cook for 3-4 mins on a medium heat. Then pour half into the base of your cake tin and keep the rest back for later to drizzle over the finished cake. 
  3. Zest all your fruit and keep to one side, then use a sharp knife to remove the skin and pith from the citrus. Cut into thin slices and use to line the base of the tin. Arrange so that they cover the base and sit in the rum caramel syrup. 
  4. For the batter, cream your butter and sugar together and then add in the eggs, vanilla, reserved citrus zest and passion fruit. Pour in the double cream and continue to beat until the mixture is smooth. Add the flour and polenta, mix well and spoon into your cake tin to completely cover the layer of colourful fruit. 
  5. Using a spatula, spread out the polenta cake mix and then bake in the oven for 45 mins until golden.
  6. Allow to cool in the tin on a wire rack and then turn upside down onto a plate. Blowtorch the fruit slightly for a delicate char and drizzle with remaining rum syrup and some double cream. 

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