James Strawbridge’s Perfect Picnic Tips

James Strawbridge's Perfect Picnic Tips Full

Braving the British weather and planning to picnic this summer? Getting family and friends together at a beautiful spot is one of the best ways to make some memories, but it’s not always easy to arrange. We asked James Strawbridge to give us his five top tips for a perfect picnic to help you plan yours. 

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1. Go large or go home

Take a large picnic hamper with you that has room for all sorts of goodies; a thermos of tea, some soft drinks and plenty of delicious food.

If there’s room, try and squeeze in a picnic blanket too as it makes all the difference being comfortable sitting on the floor.

2. Celebrate the classics 

For a proper picnic I think you need to include some retro British classics like pork pies, trifle, cream teas, sausage rolls or coronation chicken.

It’s a great chance to enjoy unpretentious family favourites and make sure that there’s something for everyone.

Give the picnic a slight upgrade with some charcuterie, cheese and hummus

3. Take time to smell the roses  

Picnics are a great opportunity to reconnect with your family and friends. It’s OK to take a few snaps, but a digital detox tastes great too.

Listen to the sounds of the countryside or birds in the park and the food will be even better without technology distracting you. 

4. Quality not quantity 

An artisan sausage roll made with good quality pork will be far more satisfying and filling than eating several factory-made mini sausage rolls.

I feel the same goes with most food, where if you spend more on top quality ingredients, you appreciate the picnic experience more than taking a load of convenience food and throwing it in a cool box to eat outdoors.

Think about a selection of tasty foods that travel well and can be enjoyed with very little fuss. 


5. And finally… 

Beware of seagulls! They are picnic pirates and never to be trusted… 

Looking for all the picnic essentials in one easy place?

Try our Let’s Pretend It’s Sunny Picnic Bundle – packed with traditional classics such as sausage rolls, cold meats, crisps and nuts, lemonade and a hearty fruit cake for afters.

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