S3E2 Cotswold Organic Blue Veined Brie & White & Blue Brie Salad 11

James Strawbridge’s Fancy Blue Cheese Salad

In the latest episode of our podcast, James puts together this delicious blue cheese salad, perfect with a glass of Dart Valley Reserve from Sharpham Winery.

James Strawbridge’s Fancy Blue Cheese Salad
Serves 2-4


For the dressing:

Serving suggestion:


  1. Remove your cheese from the fridge at least 30 minutes before assembling this salad. Make your dressing by whisking the oil, vinegar and honey, and season to taste with sea salt.
  2. Toss your blue veined cheese in tarragon and mint, and then in a large bowl gently fold with all the other salad ingredients. Dress generously with your vinaigrette and serve immediately with a chilled glass of Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve.
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