George’s Foie Royale Scotch Eggs

Foie gras hasn’t got the best of reputations, so we were delighted to add an ethical alternative to the 44 Foods family.

Foie Royale has the same melt-in-the-mouth texture and flavour, but it’s produced using geese and duck that are ethically bred for their meat. The birds are raised on high welfare farms, enjoying freedom to roam from an early age and are naturally (not force) fed.

We asked George Beach from Mudwalls Farm to get creative with this star ingredient and he certainly delivered! Check out his recipe for the Foie Royale Scotch Egg.

2 x packs of Foie Royale 
2 x 450g Buttercross Farm traditional sausage meat 
2 medium banana shallots 
3 spring onions 
100g fresh coriander 
6 Cacklebean eggs plus 1 for whisking 
250g of Matthews Cotswold flour 
Salt & pepper 
250g fine breadcrumbs 
Sprinkling of black and white sesame seeds

To serve:
1 jar of Tracklements British Piccalilli

Image of Foie Royale Scotch Egg ingredients


1. Mix the pork sausage meat and Foie Royale together thoroughly. Add in finely chopped shallots, spring onions, coriander, salt & pepper. Mix and portion into 6 evenly-sized tennis balls. 

2. Boil the eggs for exactly 5 mins and 20 secs and as soon as the timer goes off, place the eggs into iced water then peel. Place on a tea towel and sprinkle with flour. 

3. Mix the bread crumbs with sesame seeds and salt and pepper. Organize the flour and the whisked egg into separate bowls.

4. Take the tennis balls on to a floured surface and flatten them to around 1 cm thick by roughly 10 cm round – keep them dry by adding more flour. Place the egg in the centre, fold over the sausage meat and then carefully mould back into a tennis ball again. 

5. Roll the tennis ball into the whisked egg covering it well and then drop into the breadcrumb mixture covering the whole thing. Once you have made all 6, place into the fridge to keep cool until you are ready to fry them. 

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