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Fresh fish that’s ethically sourced and completely traceable

Nationwide delivery
Sustainably caught
Planet-friendly packaging
Fantastically fresh


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    Monkfish Medallions (200g)

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    Whole Mackerel (Gutted)

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    Butterfly Mackerel Fillets (200g)

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    Whiting Fillets (180g, 2-3 fillets)

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    Turbot Fillets (2x 200g fillets)

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    Roe On Scallops (200g)

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    Sardine Butterfly Fillets (200g)

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    Plaice Fillets (2x 150g fillets)

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    Megrim Fillets (180g, 2-3 fillets)

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    Pan Ready John Dory (200g)

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    Pan Ready Dover Sole (360g)

  • Bream Fillets (2x 80g fillets) - 02
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    Bream Fillets (2x 80g fillets)

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    Seabass with Garlic and Herb Melt (210g)

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    Icelandic Skinless Cod (2 x 150g)

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    North Atlantic Skinless Haddock (2 x 150g)

  • Fish Pie Mix (500g) - 02
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    Fish Pie Mix (500g)


44 Foods Promises Fairly priced for farmers and families 87px

Fairly priced for farmers and families

44 Foods Promises Planet-friendly packaging 87px

Planet-friendly packaging

44 Foods Promises Minimising food waste 87px

Minimising food waste

44 Foods Promises Direct from the farm to your door 87px

Direct from the farm to your door

44 Foods Promises Maximum shelf life 87px

Maximum shelf life

44 Foods Promises No product substitutions 87px

No product substitutions

44 Foods Promises Supporting seasonal produce 87px

Supporting seasonal produce

44 Foods Promises Ethically produced 87px

Ethically produced


Want to know which boat your supper was landed on? We can tell you! Our fresh fish comes from the team at W Stevenson, a family-owned fleet who have been fishing out of Newlyn harbour for more than 100 years. Their dedication to quality and sustainability means they can offer complete traceability over every fish, from catch to your kitchen.


44 Foods was built around a simple idea: to create a fair way to shop. We work with brilliant partners across the UK to source high quality ingredients from expert producers. No cutting corners, no second-rate stuff and no silly substitutions – just good, honest food at a proper price. 

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We believe that paying a proper price for proper food is the best thing we can do to create a sustainable food system for now and generations to come. If you’re looking for expertly produced ingredients and you’re happy to plan ahead and consider what you really need, you’ll be rewarded with fantastic quality produce, maximum shelf life and ingredients you will really want to savour. 

Your ethical and easy shop

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Choose your favourites from our website or call us on 01527 460465 to order. We’ll get to work selecting your produce before sending it on its way.

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Hassle-free delivery

Select your preferred delivery day. We have a four-day lead time to guarantee you the freshest produce and minimum waste. 

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Perfectly packaged

Not going to be home? No problem! Our clever planet-friendly cold packs will keep everything chilling until you get back.


Got a question? Jump on the chat by clicking support at the bottom left of the screen, or read our FAQs:

My Account
Our Suppliers
What is 44 foods?
We connect producers to customers and deliver high quality produce direct to your door.
How does the product arrive?
It arrives in a specially designed box, which keeps chilled product chilled. Our courier/drivers deliver and leave contact free on your doorstep.
Can I recycle my packaging?
You can recycle or re-use your packaging. If your delivery has been made by our own driver you can return it to us.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, debit and credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
Can I subscribe?
Yes we have developed a fully flexible subscription model, which can be changed at any time.
How do I order?
You can order online or by calling our customer services team on 01527 460 465.
When will I be charged?
You will be charged on the day of order.
Where do you deliver?

We deliver anywhere in the Great Britain Mainland.

Is your milk homogenised?
Our whole milk (both organic and non organic) is homogonised. Semi skimmed and Skimmed milk is unhomogenised.
How do I book a delivery slot?
We do not book delivery slots as you do not need to be in to receive the delivery. You will receive a 2 hour window from our courier.
How do I get notified of a delivery time?
You will receive a 2 hour window from our courier.
Which days do you deliver?
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Can I change my delivery date?
Yes, please call or use the chat function. We aim to help where we can. We order everything fresh so it's not always possible.
Can I update my delivery address?
Yes. You can do this from the My Account page. Alternatively you can call us on 01527 460465 or use the chat function.
What do I do if my box arrived damaged?
Please contact us immediately via chat, phone or email.
What do I do if I am not happy with the quality?
Please contact us immediately via chat, phone or email.
Can you recycle the gel packs?
Yes. You can empty them down the sink and then recycle the plastic.
What if I'm not home for my delivery?
We will leave the delivery in a safe place. Our boxes are specially designed to keep your products chilled.
My box hasn't arrived as expected, what do I do?
Please contact us immediately via chat, phone or email.
Can I amend an order after it's placed?
Yes, please call or use the chat function. We aim to help where we can. We order everything fresh so it's not always possible.
Where can I find nutritional information?
You can find this information on our product pages, throughout the site.
How is your meat fish and poultry sourced?
We source these products from our producers, who supply and deliver them fresh daily.
Do you cater for allergies and dietary requirements?
We list all of our allergies and dietary needs on the website in the product pages.
Do you sell organic food?
We do sell some organic products, and they will be listed as organic in the product details.
Do you sell grass-fed beef?
The cattle are fed on a traditional diet of grass/forage (hay, haylage, and silage during winter months), and cereals such as barley, wheat, and oats.
Do you offer vegetarian or vegan options?
We do and these are listed clearly on the website. We dont have any meat alternatives right now.

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