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Stevenson’s boats have been fishing out in Newlyn Harbour, Cornwall
for more than 100 years.

From their boats to your door…

From simple beginnings to today’s modern fleet of fishing vessels, Stevenson’s continue to be central to the fishing industry in Newlyn. The boats land fresh Cornish fish daily, then it’s filleted and sent straight on its way to delight customers at their door. Having its own fleet allows access to the highest quality fish straight from the Cornish waters, so we can provide you with the freshest in-season and sustainably caught fish. With careful handling throughout the entire process, we can ensure you get the highest quality fish and shellfish on your plate every time.

A sustainable future for fishing generations to come

Stevenson’s work closely with local, regional, national and international scientific and management organisations, ensuring it is always at the leading edge of sustainable fishing practices. It passionately believes that working with the wider fishing industry to share best practice and improve sustainability across the fleets fishing out of Cornwall is of paramount importance. This is key in securing the long term sustainable future for fishing generations to come. Stevenson’s are proud and proactive members of the Cornish Fish Producers’ Organisation (CFPO), one of the leading fishermen’s organisations in the UK.



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