A turkey with all the trimmings

All you need for a seasonal spread.

If you’re looking for a tasty turkey as the centrepiece for your Christmas dinner this year, look no further. In 1956, Rod Adlington’s grandparents started farming turkeys for the seasonal market. Three generations later, Rod is expert in the provision of high-welfare turkey and poultry and we’re proud to bring his birds to your dinner table this Christmas.

What makes a turkey high-welfare? Well, Rod’s turkeys are free range and traditionally slow-reared, giving them a longer life and, ultimately, a better taste. His team source high-quality food and bedding from local producers, and the end result is a happier, healthy bird and tender, well-bred succulent poultry.

Once you’ve secured your showpiece, you’ll need to decide how to cook it. Will it be stuffed with traditional sage and onion, or filled with citrus fruit? Will you push pancetta under the skin to ensure a succulent roast, or will you wrap your bird in prosciutto for a flavoursome feast? Whatever your chosen method, remember to let it rest for at least half an hour after it comes out of the oven.

Now it’s time to turn your attention to the trimmings.

From classic roasties basted in luxurious Potts’ duck fat, to creamy Dauphinoise simmered in cream and garlic or something different like sliced Hassleback potatoes seasoned with Droitwich salt and pepper, potatoes are so central to a Christmas feast that many families serve several variations to keep everyone happy. Our potatoes make the perfect roasties, so make sure to add them to your list. Stock up on the seasoning and add a new twist – lemon, garlic, black pepper, parmesan or bay leaves all work well.

Pigs in blankets
We’ve got some delicious pigs in blankets in the pipeline, which will be ready for you to order very soon. If you fancy making some yourself, you could wrap sausages in traditional bacon – oak smoked, dry cured or sweet pancetta – or try winding round a corkscrew of buttery puff pastry. Our selection of sausages includes traditional pork; pork, chilli & fennel and pork & leek.

Red cabbage
Red cabbage braised in red wine, butter, sugar and cinnamon is the perfect vibrant side dish. Try switching the wine for cranberry juice and adding lemon peel, honey and cloves for a tasty twist.

Sprouts have a bad reputation, but these hardy little vegetables can be delicious mixed in with stuffing or as the main star of a cheesy gratin.

Cranberry sauce
Soft and syrupy cranberry sauce goes perfectly with tender turkey, but have you ever tried using sloe gin to add an extra kick to this traditional favourite? Add 100ml sloe gin to 250g cranberries and 60g light brown sugar, bring to the boil and simmer for five minutes. Alternatively, try Tracklements Rich Redcurrant Jelly for an easy way to give your turkey a zingy kick.

Our sweet chantenay carrots are a great choice for pan-frying in a zesty orange, ginger and honey sauce for a sweet and warming side dish. Or for something equally rich and warming, why not try out our recipe for roast carrots with crispy shallots and crumbled feta?

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